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  • Instagram’s new app: Hyperlapse
    Instagram’s new app: Hyperlapse

    On Tuesday Instagram released another standalone app called Hyperlapse. This new app allows you to create time-lapse videos with your iPhone while you are in motion. Usually you would need to keep the camera still to achieve this effect, but thanks to Hyperlapse’s stabilisation technology, shaky videos are smoothed out into high-quality time-lapse videos. You ...

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  • The World’s Largest Lego Exhibition is Heading to SA
    The World’s Largest Lego Exhibition is Heading to SA

    RELATED: Brick-A-Pic: Create Lego Picture Mosaics A ton (probably literally) of Lego bricks are heading to South Africa for the world’s largest Lego exhibition. The Art of Brick exhibition, which features about 70 Lego sculptures and wall hangings by artist Nathan Sawaya, will be in Johannesburg in May 2015 and in Cape Town this December. ...

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  • The New Grimes Music Video
    The New Grimes Music Video

    The music video for Grimes’ new song Go ft. Blood Diamonds is here. The song was originally written for Rihanna and the music video was directed by Grimes and her brother, Mac Boucher. The idea behind the video was inspired by Dante’s Inferno as explained by Grimes in a statement: “It’s our take on Dante’s inferno. ...

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Find your workout personalityPrefer a slouch on the couch to a workout at the gym? It could be the fault of your workout personality. Here are a couple of way...
Fat like me? Brandon keeps going!If you're ready to throw in the towel after recently starting a diet plan, don't! 120kg Brandon Faber hasn't.
Woman rushed to hospital after 3-hour orgasmLong after she had sex with her partner Eric, Liz experienced an hours-long epic climax. She tried jumping and drinking to shake ...
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The 2014 Ranger Odyssey gets closer as finalists are announced.Next month I shall be in Namibia driving around in a Ford Ranger. Why? Because I thought it would be a brilliant idea to be a part of the 2014 Ranger Odyssey. 12 days, covering 2500km of alternative terrain in north west Nambia, I will be joining 20 others who went through a rigorous entry [...]
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